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TheInquisitor presents his 100% custom XP World tileset. This gigantic set contains 4000 tiles, over three million pixels, with snow, mountains, deserts and more exquisite towns than you can shake a Mack&Blue tileset at.

Welcome to my latest chipset! I noticed a lack of world map chipsets available so far in the RMXP community, so I thought I'd contribute with one. So, obviously, this time I've created one for RMXP, a program that I am still yet to look into, instead of 2K(3). However, creating chipsets doesn't require the greatest knowledge of what the program can achieve in the way of making games, so I'll hopefully be making a bunch of these in the future. Unlike my 2K(3) chipsets, this is absolutely 100% original, instead of mostly original with a few bits and bobs "borrowed" from commercial games and also has far more options open to you. Unfortunately, RMXP's tile sets can be more limited than those in 2K3. I certainly found this out when first playing about with a few of Refmap's RTP material. You can have an unlimited size to the tile set, a whole extra layer for your maps, but only seven auto-tiles when compared to the ten that you can have in RPG Maker 2000/3, which means that interesting maps are much more of a slog to make than they were before. I believe I've countered this problem by supplying what would usually be an auto-tile on the main section of the chipset...and this only took a mere 4000+ tiles. On the plus side, you'd only really need to use a world map tile set once, so any hard slog wouldn't have to be endured for too long.

Most of the tile set is taken up by the climate changes that can be shown by steady alterations in the colour of the grass as it moves from the greenest it can be to muddy banks or hills, into sandy dunes or into bitter ice. I hope that this would enrich this whole style of the world as you can see one area slowly become another without having ridiculous looking deserts that appear out of nowhere, for example. Whilst this may look pathetically boring on the actual set, it can produce some rather effective results, especially when you want your characters to explore a full range of interesting locations.

There isn't just a range of showy climates though. There are plenty of locations available (and more coming) so that the world map actually has some purpose. As well as having detailed towns, there is also the option to build your own on the map out of individual houses and other buildings I have left available, or you could just have indivdual places dotted about over the map. If you don't fancy creating a custom town on the map, I have also left the buildings without shadows for customizing your own specific village/town/city design in a graphics program (See Town Submission). In addition to these, ports and anchored ships are also there for your enjoyment. I will probably make these into animated character sets in the future, but for now they are just part of the chipset to add to certain populated areas. I am also aiming to add a good number of extra types of location, like cities based on ancient Japan and temple ruins.

The sea is made up of three auto-tiles itself. You may think this is a waste, but it gives the sea a fairly nice gradient effect that can be used to convey certain currents, if used in the best possible way. On top of this, it can help limit vehicle usage for when travelling the world map for, no doubt, various side-quest items and magic, or perhaps help define where some locations are if you want to add an FF9 Chocograph system into your project, or something to that effect.

To go with the chipset, I've provided an example map to go with it as well, as usual. The map may be a bit sloppy, as I can see a fair few mistakes unfortunately, but it still provides an idea of the sort of thing that can be made from the tiles provided so far. With extra locations and such, that map could be much busier and more interesting. I hope this map can help you with using the chipset until I can write up a proper step by step tutorial for some of the harder areas, like the snow covered patches and coastlines.

In the future you can expect interior and exterior tile sets to complete the current range and match the style for definite continuity in your game. I’ve made good progress on both and it should be a matter of months before the others are completed. Lastly, I would ask that you do not host this set on your own site, but instead link to this page if you require. I designed this for the Palace and I ask you to appreciate this. However, you can use this set in your games without needing to credit me.

Credit for the demo file with passability goes to meustrus.

Enjoy. Smile ©

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