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Battler Portraits


A puny hermit monster in an assortment of shades.


One of Teo's monster designs made into pixel art.

Feathery Beast

One of Teo's monster designs made into pixel art. Would go well with the Ectopus due to similar colours.

Imp Varieties

Several different varieties of imps. Includes:

  • The woodland variety of imp. What a vicious little scamp!
  • Imp Royalty
  • The snowy hillsman variant of Imp.
  • The volcano variation on the Imp.
  • The cave variety of Imp.


A cactuar-type monster


"Don't call me a peck!"


Two tribal pygmies.

Red Mage

A red mage with fancy robes and other layers. Sporting a few magical bottles and smoking skull staffs, he seems to be one tough customer.


Kinda fungi lookin'

...but almost certainly poisonous!


A ghostly whirlwind of masks.

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