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Alright ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all those who are confused, in between, or something else entirely. We're ready to get back into production and get the RPG off the ground. After wiggling and wrangling a bit we've decided to launched a limited closed alpha. The alpha will be for the purposes of development only. So if you're interested, willing, and most importantly HAVE THE TIME, post your interest and positions. We WILL make steady progress this time around and we WILL start working in an environment in which we can display this progress. At the moment the core team is setting up an environment with rough draft maps for us to work within. The intention is to host development meetings within the environment so that teams can go about discussing their plans in areas to which their plans pertain.

If you are interested in working on the story you will have a little wait before you get going. The story is already set up and mostly tuned, however there is much room for expansion as well as sub-plotlines and quest arcs. The history and background and in fact systems to be used should all be learned (located in the forums) before you begin work so that we have a unified and cohesive world emerge. Most of what we need in the story department, however, is the implementation of the current story through event management and scene development. As such, we need to have key areas mapped before we delve into that.

In the past we've had a lot of stretching of talent. We want you to stretch your talent! But please do so reasonably. Do not commit to every area unless you can handle the time requirements of each. It is better to focus your energy on one aspect than pump out mediocrity in all areas.

It's time to be a part of something. Here is your something This project will be one to show the world what a community of enthusiasts can do with the right frame of mind (after many years of quiet meditating). Jump in get your feet wet and put your particular talents to work.


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At the time of this posting, inactive members are not considered part of the team. If you do not wish to continue working on the project, inactive users that are listed will still be included in the credits.

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