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Development Timeline

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Development Timeline

We have an eventual goal of full online MMORPG, but there are steps to get there, and I'd like to flesh out some milestones. The goal is to produce a whole product at the end, but we can use the pieces we've got in order to release smaller games to keep the excitement going. Basically, we are focusing on small goals, one at a time. There are different development teams which should coalesce at 8 points. At the time of this post, we are close to the first (alpha) release.

Empty milestones mean to work on the next one, or join other teams for the time being, which is also what you should do if you finish yours before other teams.


  1. Alpha release, online sandbox.
    This is to pump up morale and kick-start development.
  2. "Theocracy: Occupation", offline release.
    This is to focus on having something out there to get people excited. Story is very important to the eventual plot, but that's not evident until after all offline releases.
  3. "Theocracy: Discovery", offline release.
    This is to reveal the battle system. Story is extremely relevant.
  4. "Theocracy: Subversion", offline release.
    This is to add alchemy to the battle system. Backstory to parts of Discovery.
  5. "Theocracy: Resistance", offline release.
    This is to add features to the battle system. Story is a direct sequel to Discovery.
  6. "Theocracy: Corruption", offline release.
    This is to polish what we've got so far. Backstory to the Inquisition.
  7. "Theocracy: Insurrection", offline release.
    This is to develop ship battles. Story is through the Rebellion.
  8. Full online release.


  1. Get the basics working with Netplay.
  2. Map layering, character sprite composition, conversation system.
  3. Battle system with physical skills.
  4. Alchemy skills
  5. Group battles
  6. Ship battles and captaining.
  7. Advanced Netplay features, debugging.


  1. Have some basic areas for the online sandbox.
  2. Beaumonde and its interior.
  3. Neffrenus, parts of Cathal.
  4. Choros
  5. Update Beaumonde, create all of Isole del Mondo.
  6. Falthis
  7. Many smaller locations across the world; Prometida, Cathal, ...
  8. All remaining maps, including cities, dungeons, fields, ...


  1. Basic adult templates, male/female walking, standing, possibly running, desert tilesets (tilesets need to be done before next mapping milestone can be worked on).
  2. Some battle animations (physical attacks).
  3. More battle animations (more skills, alchemy).
  4. More varied templates (child, fat, etc.).
  5. Ships
  6. Visible equipment.
  7. All templates finished, character creation and NPC sprites.

I think that this is a very workable timeline with well-spaced, tangible goals.

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