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Really confusing question here.

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Really confusing question here.

So in this town, there is a cafe area, and if you go up the steps to enter it's yard, music should fade into the cafes theme. And if you go back down the steps, it fades back into the normal theme. The cafe and town are both in one map, so how do I do this? I tried having a switch turn on, fading bgm, waiting 2 secs, playing new bgm, then going to a new switch so that way it would be ready to switch back to the music (if this makes any more sense, heres the commands I tried)

Page 1 (Below Here, Touched by Hero)

Switch Operations: Cafe (on)

Page 2 (Below Hero, Parallel Process, Precondition: Cafe Is On)

Fade out BGM (3secs)

Wait (2 secs)

Play BGM: Cafe

Switch operations: Cafe 2 (on)

Page 3 (Below Hero, Touched By Hero, Precondition: Cafe 2 is on)

Switch Operation: Town (on)

Page 4 (Below Hero, Parallel Process, Precondition: Town is on)

Fade BGM (3 secs)

Wait 2 secs

Play BGM: Town

Switch Operations: Town 2 (on)

Page 5 (Below Hero, Touched By Hero, Precondition: Town 2 is on)

Switch Operations: Cafe (on)

I tried this, and now that I read over it, I shoulda added some turn off Cafe/Town switches, but even so, the first half should have worked.... Shouldn't it? Well, regardless. How do I fade music between to locations on one map?

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One problem you might have, is that the wait command uses frames for counting time, whistl the Fade BGM uses seconds (I would recommend a fade time of 13 seconds, and a wait time of 42 frames Wink )

Another problem is that the music player for rpg maker XP can't play two BGM's at the same time, when you use the command "Play BGM" it just replaces the current BGM with the one you want it to play... Undecided

Regardless, I gave it a whirl to see what I could come up with Sticking Out Tongue

Edit: It's struck me now that you might not be using RMXP, but oh well Sticking Out Tongue

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Yes, I am the only one here that uses 2003 cause I'm cool like that.

Edit: But I shall mirror your idea to the best of my ability, since all the commands are bassically just worded differently.

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